Personal Finance Daily: Black Friday online shopping passes $3 billion for first time and beware these recalled toys when you shop

Happy Friday, MarketWatchers! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Here are the top personal finance stories for the day.

Personal Finance
My stepfather left $ 1 million to strangers and dead people

All of this man’s immediate family were left out of his trust.

Black Friday online shopping surpasses $ 3 billion for the first time

Online Thanksgiving Day sales totaled $ 1.93 billion.

Beware of recalled toys being sold online this holiday season

Companies will fix recalled toys, in this case, those that were taken back for excessive lead, choking hazards and overheating

The worst day to fly if you want deals on airfare

Secrets to getting cheap plane tickets

5 horrible money lessons from ‘Gilmore Girls’

Fans rejoice over the return of ‘Gilmore Girls’ — but don’t follow their financial behavior.

Why I ditched Wells Fargo for a virtual bank

Switching over was anything but simple.

How to buy a $ 35,000 brand-new electric car for under $ 14,000

Mr. Money Mustache outlines how he bought his new Nissan Leaf for less than the cost of a Honda Fit.

The real message of a gift card: I did the very least

Chuck Jaffe challenges you to overhaul your gift-giving strategy and put more thought into your presents.

Why Black Friday sales are not for the truly frugal

Here’s the problem: Once getting a bargain becomes one of life’s great pleasures, you’re a lost soul as far as the philosophy of frugality is concerned.

My kid’s man-size feet are costing me a fortune

Our household has been grumbling about the barge-feet burden for a long time, but it was the hunt for dressier wedding shoes that had us all, big and small, in tears.

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Donald Trump selects Donald McGahn as White House counsel

Trump also picks KT McFarland as deputy national security adviser.

Charlie Munger and Donald Trump agree in these 3 ways

These two Republican billionaires seem very different, but they share these economic ideas.

Trump has the economics of trade deficits exactly backwards

Donald Trump’s avowed policies will make the trade deficit larger, not smaller, because his fiscal policy will reduce national savings, writes Stephen Roach.

New central bankers coming on board to handle Trump strains

A bevy of new international monetary policy makers will have to cope with the upheavals of Donald Trump’s move into the White House, writes David Marsh.

Jill Stein says she has enough funds for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania recounts

The Green Party candidate has raised $ 4.7 million, and donations are still coming in.

Measure of U.S. service-sector growth is second highest in last 12 months

Growth has accelerated into the close of the year, according to a purchasing manager’s index out Friday.

Shortage of Mexican workers is hurting U.S. businesses

As the labor market tightens and the population of undocumented immigrants shrinks, employers in low-skill industries such as hospitality, construction and agriculture scramble to fill jobs.

Why deporting millions of people would be bad for U.S. workers

Job openings will be in low-skilled, low-wage occupations, not skilled work.

10 of the prettiest towns in the U.S. where you can retire reasonably well

It’s probably an impossible task to judge the 10 prettiest retirement towns in America, but retirement research site Top Retirements gave it a try.

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